Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bruce Lee en Readers Digest


Finally, a few days ago, I saw the printed version of my latest collaboration with :icongaltharllin:, our Bruce Lee piece for Reader's Digest Magazine wich will be sold through Mexico this month.

I made the digital coloring and background texture. :-)

Peace out!

Finalmente, hace unos días, vi la versión impresa de mi más reciente colaboración con :icongaltharllin:, nuestra pieza de Bruce Lee para la revista Selecciones del Reader's Digest la cual será vendida por todo México durante este mes.

Yo realicé el color digital y la textura del fondo. :-)


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Monday, July 30, 2007

In Flagrante

De nueva cuenta, grabado in flagrante por la cámara de Óscar en algún punto de Julio de 2007.

Tona trabajaba haciendo color digital de Blue Demon Jr., El Legado; mientras que yo trabajaba en el color de una ilustración para Selecciones del Reader's Digest, Luciano Pavarotti, la cual será publicada en Septiembre de este mismo año.

Según la teoría de Tona, bastante cierta, estoy silbando. :-)

Once again, recorded in flagrante by Oscar's camera somewhere in July 2007.

Tona worked doing digital color on Blue Demon Jr., El Legado; while I worked coloring Luciano Pavarotti, a comissioned illustration for Selecciones, Reader's Digest Mexico magazine, which will be published in September of this year.

According to Tona's theory, true by the way, I'm whistling. :-)

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Memory Almost Full

Well, I finally got a grasp on and listened to 'Memory Almost Full', Paul McCartney's latest album, so far; thanks to my good friend Oscar Mendiola who bought the album and was kind enough to lend it for a while.

Music is OK overall, lyrics are great. I think Paul is still in a gray mood sometimes; there is a lack of energy considering the rest of his pre-2000's career. And, don't get me wrong, after all, I'm talking about Paul McCartney, in my opinion one of the greatest composers of all time.

Good album. And, the message is still about love, isn't it?

That's what I got out of it... that today is a god day for loving all; not tomorrow... Today.

Carpe Diem!


Giving it all doesn't take too much if you are willing to love.
One's path is full of what we make of it.
So, be simple and true to yourself... let love be your everyday inspiration.


And, get the album!
Love the design, but, if anyone at MPL Communications or EMI is reading this: Guys, you need more color for a Paul McCartney album... it's been 3 black and white covers in a row (!) and you haven't used illustrations for a while now. Drop me a line, let's see what we can do for you. ;-)


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Monday, July 16, 2007


Because together, we are one.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

iPod girl --step 4

Long time it's been since our latest update on the iPod girl. All the basic forms are now complete; and now, we can see a whole body. Vector forms are still somehow rough and some are already prepared to be filled with color to lay in front or behind some other object.

—Whoa! Look at that lovely Banana Republic checkered skirt she's wearing... so New Yorker...—

I've traced the skirt separately from the main form to overlay the object over the line work, originally iPod girl is a line illustration, but when you translate this work into a full colored illustration you have to start thinking in solid object and the way they interact with the lines once they are colored. ;-)

Well, hard part is almost over... just have to go through some vector details and smoothing.
This is a first timer for me, because I'm not used to illustrate in vector form basing the work in an already existing hand-made illustration.

We'll see how it all comes together soon...

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


—Mauricio Cosío

t’s a marvelous
McCartney morning
in the key of C.

It’s a simple idea,
really, but I feel
like telling you.

That I love You
girl. It’s a citric
kind of morning.

Heart is beating
fast as Polaroid, soul
is jumping crazy.

Jigsaws scatter
all around, it
doesn’t matter.

Take my hand,
follow me, tell me
that you love me.

Take the music makers,
get rid of your shoes,
let’s get wild on the grass.

Hop around to the beat,
can you feel everything
expanding like Paul’s piano?

It’s this fluffy kind of
morning all over again.
Look into my eyes and I
will show you something.

Take the magic marker
and draw a line in the sky,
tell everyone we love ‘em
let’s color the world in laughter.

Powerpuff the city’s sky.
Look beyond the horizon,
take a break, hold my hand.

> Just push play, love.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The sun is golden too, depends somehow on it's mood; on the occasion, on the flavor and costume that it wants to portray...

Working on this illustrations I couldn't avoid thinking about one of my favorite company logos, the one from Grupo Posadas. I've been familiar to the evolution of this brand because my aunt Marcela has worked since the company was founded in 1970 (She's the oldest collaborator in the company!).

I've always loved the strength from this logo, it's Mexican 'scent', its sharpness, clean lines and soft character.

It's no secret as I've shared before with you guys: I love Mandalas and the power that live within it's construction and forms.

So simple, so complex... so much meaning within...

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Monday, May 14, 2007

May 15th.

There are years that go by without thinking about May the 15th. But when I realize the meaning of this day in my life, and remember about it I usually think about how good is to be alive...

26 years ago I went into a heart surgery; and I think one of my earliest memories in life comes from being that night in the hospital...

Everything was pitch black, I could hear a murmur in front of my bed, I knew my parents were at the room, I was just waking up and suddenly a light and sound burst irrupted into the room along a nurse's silhouette coming at me.

I've felt special since then, because I've been aware that I got lucky. Lucky for having such good doctors, parents and family.

Mom & Dad sacrificed everything they owned to save my life, because my procedure was really expensive. They sold their stocks, the car, and so on... and I got lucky.

I like to think that I'm alive because I have to accomplish something special in this world. Nowadays, among all my chords and related work-stress I forget it sometimes and take myself seriously. God, I hate when that happens...

And believe me, this 26 years have been a blast! I've had it all, specially, love.

May 15th., you remind me the magic, the joy and bring out the best within me. Thanks a lot!


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Friday, May 11, 2007

A new friend

Remember I recently posted something on Lili Lakich, one of the artists that heavilly inspired me as a kid? Well, that same day I wrote a letter to Lili and she just, kindly, answered back inviting me to her Studio whenever I'm in LA.

Look forward to it! :-)

It feels great when you make a new friend. But is more special when it is someone you look up to, you know?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Our friend and EIC, Sean O'Reilly, sent us this press release featuring Arcana Studio's involvement in FCBD 2007.

Arcana Gives Fans A Real Treat This Free Comic Book Day

In the last six years, Free Comic Book Day has become a highly anticipated event with major publishers putting out some seriously big-time comics in hopes of gaining new readers. This year is no exception, as Arcana Studio give readers a preview of a comic that is worthy of its own movie.

In fact, it is going to be a movie! Clockwork Girl is the focus of this year’s offering from Arcana Studio. It is simultaneously being created as an animated short film and comic book. Scheduled for a 2008 release, this is a chance for readers to catch a glimpse of what is to come and Free Comic Book Day is the perfect time for the unveiling.
Scheduled during the first Saturday of May, Free Comic Book Day is a yearly promotional effort by the North American comic book industry to help bring new readers into independent comic book stores. Started in 2002 , the event is coordinated by the industry's single large distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors . On Free Comic Book Day, participating comic book stores give away specially printed copies of free comic books. For many stores it is the biggest day of the year for them as they may also offer huge back issue sales or in store signings by comic creators.

This year, Arcana already has plenty of creator signings scheduled. Clockwork Girl’s Kevin Hanna will appear at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, CA from 12pm to 2pm. Also, Clockwork Girl artist, Grant Bond will be appearing at the Planet Comicon at the Overland Park International Trade Center in Overland Park, KS. American Wasteland’s RD Hall will be at Collectibles Etc. in Lexington, KY. And in Vancouver, BC, Kade’s Sean O'Reilly will be joined by 100 Girls’ Todd Demong at Elfsar Comics from 11am to 3pm where if you bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Vancouver Food bank you get a FREE entry into a raffle of your choice. Also at Elfsar Comics will be a couple of the very attractive B.C. Lion’s Felions cheer squad!
This is fans opportunity to meet the main players from this year’s Arcana Studio Presents!

Speaking of which, besides a 7 page sneak preview of the soon to be motion picture, Clockwork Girl, this year’s FCBD offering will showcase all-new stories from the gothic demon hunter, Kade, and the sci-fi sensation, 100 Girls. Plus, catch a glimpse of some of Arcana’s upcoming titles. All of this wrapped inside a gorgeous cover by Caanan White and Stjepan (Kade, Witchblade) Sejic and a sneak peak at the War of the Independents!

This year’s Free Comic Book Day is scheduled for May 5th at participating comic book stores.

For more information, please visit Arcana Studio at:

And to learn more about Free Comic Book Day and find participating stores, please go to:

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ipod girl --step 3

Fast-forward; working on the arms, which i will later clean and round up a bit more.
He he he, by now, you must be asking: 'Where is all this going?'
Well, worry not, I'm not improvising on this one... yet


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Me encanta hacer cómics... El resultado siempre me asombra. Cuando termino mi parte, el trabajo regresa a Tonatiuh Rocha, nuestro Director de Diseño y Color, para que pueda revisar los colores y balancearlos de ser necesario. Entonces, después de que el letrerista, Director de Arte y Editor lo aprueban... estamos listos para preparar los archivos finales para impresión.

I love doing comics ... The result always amazes me. When I get finished, my work goes back to Tonatiuh Rocha, our Design and Color Director, so he can check the colors and balance them if necessary. Then, after the letterer, Art Director and the Editor approvals... we're ready to prepare the final files for printing.

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Oscar's B-Day!

Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday Oscar!
Everyday, wiser, you are getting, he he he!

Amitié et amour,

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Greeting Cards

Yesterday, was my good friends Alex Palomares' and Pako Arellano's birthdays, both important members of the Studio.

I have the tradition of making, whenever possible, a greeting card that everyone in the Studio signs. That's been going on for a couple of years now.

I started it because as a kid (and still these days) I was fascinated by knowing that in the early days of Marvel comics the artists did these greeting cards also... it was great to see pictures of a same card signed, for example, by John Buscema and Dan DeCarlo!

Hope that in 40 years these cards could be published somehow... ;-)

I love gathering everyone to share their thoughts on a special occasion. And today I wanted to share with you all Alex Palomares' 2007 greeting card.



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What's been going on these last few days?

Well, I've been assisting in lettering Susie Romero on some comic pages we are producing for a still kinda-secret comic book project.

It's fun the way I can practice my spelling abilities, but also learn new ropes about balance and form in typography.

Doing the SFX is the fun, but also, complex part of the job.

Lettering is a passion for me. It's a dream job, even better if I assist such a lovely lady like Sue.

I can communicate through form and color what the characters are feeling, or can tell about the mood in certain scene.

It also is a "great" opportunity to use drawing applications I frequently don't.

I'm learning, and it's a great experience. :-)
I love typo and calligraphy.
And boy, I'm always in the mood of expanding what I do, and reaching higher grounds.


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Saturday, April 7, 2007


I've never known a person who owned a hi-powered laser, until I got involved in a web page design project for Mexican sculptor Jorge Yazpik, who does, and uses a laser to cut through the materials in his sculptures.

Mr. Yazpik is a client who is not involved with computer technology at all, so this project presented that particular "handicap"...

He wanted a website with no text at all, with nothing else than his art being the focus point in his site... that meant that I couldn't do anything but animated transitions.

So I focused on the composition on the site. After my initial research, Yazpik's art seemed to be really powerful, with a strong bond to earth, to materials; manly strong art, you know.

Up: The graphic explanation I used to explain the logo's
loss of strength with the changes the client asked for...

The composition was solid. It had to be derived from solid figures, like squares. Squares that could also represent the hollowness that also appears frequently in those figures, in the contours of those bodies.

The form dictated that the composition of the site's structure had to be like this, solid. I also looked for a form that could reflect what the client desired: Simplicity. I intended that even with those handicaps, the site could have a nice composition to make it more dynamically, graphically speaking.

Less is More, like Mies van der Rohe said. That was my main goal with this project, because that same phrase was dictated not by me, but by the client himself.

Obtaining this appearance was the most important part of my development and personal growth in this project, since I always tend to be baroque in my work. I enjoy getting small details done and having a digital coloring box, like everyone does these days, makes it easy some times to be extra adventurous.

Up: GUI designed specifically for the website. A button.

That last point is an important challenge for any designer or graphic artist in the present.

What do I think, now that the project is way long finished?

I think that the client could've got a way better site if he just followed to my advices. And boy, I made proposals and justified many times my posture in making a friendlier site. A website with no text makes an interesting perceptual experience, but it is in no way useful as a sales tool (even when the artist thought that his denial of info could be the best for his rich clients) or for sharing anything about your career or yourself (how are galleries or art lovers going to get to know you?). It is a hollow website in my experience. Rich ladies who buy these sculptures are, in most cases, not experienced in surfing the web, they don't have the slightest ideas about GUI's, they do not play video games, they do not relate to this languages.

A website with no info... Man! How is anyone going to find you in such a big universe of web pages?!

Up: The final layout. In the original proposal there were spaces
thought for texts that remained empty, right under the lateral pictures..

It has the setback also, that the artist did not want to use framing in his images, he wanted to preserve some photos just as they were taken... some way to dark for a display (which I fixed without the clients approval). Some others didn't fit in the squared area we had...

At the end, there were some changes made by the client that were contradicting... images that grow to fit a framing, animated buttons that flash (which needed to flash to attract attention and make people know what to do in a no text environment).

I enjoyed this challenge. It made me learn new things about the structure of a website, about design, clients, and about myself.

But most of all, I enjoyed finishing it, for all. :-)

Why did i wrote all this? Because, is what happens when the client takes the control of your project. And believe me it is a waste of time when someone hires you to do a job but has his own agenda.

Browse over at and watch it. It is not bad, but it looks unfinished, unprofessional... not happy with the final product at all.

Don't ever do that. Keep your structure as a designer firm. Build yourself without thinking in money. Money is no good, no matter how much it is, if you end up with something lousy that does not represent your vision as a designer, or in this particular case, as a communicator.

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A quick Saturday morning graphical impromptu...

Tasty, isn't it? ;-)


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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ipod girl --step 2

I love Von's tip about using magenta or pink line vectors... it's so comfortable.

Now i can see the earplug, that still needs some cleanup, and a snazzy 'do.

Are those bracelets to the left of her face?

Tip of the day: Always remember to keep vector work simple. And clean


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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

YouTube Debut

Creo que mis tennis y piernas acaban de debutar en YouTube, cortesía de Oscar. ...Sólo que no puedo recordar qué es lo que hacía ahí.

La animadora es Mariana Moreno y la vaca que ven se llama Milka y tiene que ver con el proyecto del que les hablaba hace un tiempo y del cual preparo un próximo post. :-)


I think that my tennis and legs have debuted in YouTube, thanks to Oscar. ..I just can't remember what was I doing there...

The animator you can grasp is the talented Mariana Moreno and the animated cow is no other than Milka, which has to do with a project I mentioned a while ago of which I'm preparing a future post. :-)


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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ipod girl --step 1

Today was one of those days when I just can get to work for more than 10 minute sessions.
There are days when there are other things that go around, paperwork, meetings, shopping...

Lovely days full of movement and no apparent motion.

But, I'm not complaining... those are things that complement me, complement my work and my life. Things that you have to live with to remind us how much I enjoy doing what I do for a living.


Spark is a lovely girl that lives in Pixelville and phoned today so I could get started on some projects with her, regretably, today will only be part one of that final result.

Man, look at her beautiful pink vectored smile. Tomorrow I'll start to fusion some forms after I complete her body. I'll soften all the lines on her, avoiding sharp angles. And then, perhaps, if time allows, some color...

Will that thing under her face could be a turtleneck?

Well... See you then!



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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Man, The Alan Parsons Project really inspires me!
Profound music, profound chords and harmonies...

Deep instrumental colors... Mammagamma!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Karmatron's new merchandise

Over the past few hours, we've updated our virtual store with more cool ¡Ka-Boom's! merchandise, this time featuring items with Karmatron's logo on it.

Check them out! Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

BTW, also be sure to check out our virtual encyclopedia of Karmatron's Universe, the KarmaWiki project, which is just days away of turning one year old. Thanks a lot to all the librarians, fans and collaborators that keep this project growing and growing day after day. :-)

A fun way to practice your Spanish and learn more about our favorite cybernetic giant.



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Thursday, March 1, 2007


Debido a la mudanza estaremos desconectados y no habrá programa de webradio esta semana. :-(
¡Sintonizanos pronto! :-)

Due to our moving in, we'll be unplugged and there'll be no webradio show this week. :-(
Tune in soon! :-)

... Gracias a Tona por compartir esta útil imagen.
... Thanks to Tona for sharing this useful image.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Man

Just a foolish quick-done right-handed digital sketch. Having fun thinking about a happy man on a Sunday. I was also thinking about my friend Horacio while at it.

BTW: Gong Xi Fa Chai! (Happy New Year!)


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy B-day, Karmatrón!

21 years old today, the young lad. Keep the Fantasy going forever! Congrats from the bottom of my heart and every pore!
Illo. by Alex Palomares & me.

21 años de edad cumple hoy, el muchachón. ¡Mantén la fantasía caminando por siempre! ¡Felicidades desde el fondo de mi corazón y desde cada poro!
Ilustración de Alex Palomares y mía.


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Bad Design: KFC Mexico

Bad designers copy. Bad designers steal. Bad designers are not creative enough to produce creations, to revolution, to inspire, to share their view of the world, to communicate. Their work lacks magic, strength. They are not original. They are not artists. They do not care about it. They don't give two cents for details. They do care about getting paid in time. They make us all look bad and are a shame.

Some weeks ago, I surfed with the K! gang over to a KFC in Zona Rosa, Mexico City, where I noticed that the promo posters for the children meals had stolen a logo. See if you can spot it...

Under the title name 'Ninja Blades' you'll see a dragon, which is none other than the one created for the 'Mortal Kombat' video game series.

What a shame to be a designer who steals and thinks he can get away with such 'original' occurrences. Just doing some small tweaks and voilá.

What a shame if you're an industrial, an accountant, a draftsman, or a basketball player and do it. Be creative, for Design's sake! Use your imagination... create! Don't be relented to just following paths, create new ways, experiment.

Do this even if you're a Restaurant businessman, an Ambassador, a Tax Man, a plumber and not a designer. Use your creativity everywhere and share your (unique) magic with the world. Be a pro!

And if you can get me in touch with someone at Midway so they can get chatty with KFC over the subject, that'd be great...


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Love is crazy. You forget about yourself. If you let go.
Love is to be another one.
Love is to love.
Forgetting everything...
Love is crazy.
Love is never lazy...

Love makes you a better being,

'cause when you stop thinking
yourself and caring
about others,
you accomplish
the impossible.

Day after day
you have to be
a little bit
better than the day before,
for that someone you love.

Love makes you smile.
Love makes you breath.

Love makes you alive.

Let go. Become one.
Become all. Be strong.
Don't ever let go!



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El viejo Rey Pathp, olvidado en alguna callejuela de la Atlántida.
Old King Pathp, forgotten in some Atlantean street.

Vector + Pixel.


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Miss Lourdes

Back in 1980, just about as I was catching up with learning Spanish, I started learning my first English vocabulary words. I had always been a city kid, and in downtown Mexico City I encountered my first lessons with Miss Lourdes, a woman who still has some amazing English and Chinese tea secrets that were shared to her by a Scottish woman, then.

She was my first and longest English teacher.... and I believe that she taught me well. She has always looked after me.

And it is funny, 'cause even these days when I'm capable of doing so much more with my thoughts and phrases in other languages, she still corrects me and brings a richer insight to the languages we speak.

These days, Miss Lourdes still teaches, after classes, to Grade School children & adults as well in an Art Decó style building in downtown Mexico City, and whenever possible I try to visit her. She has a plant that is named 'Ruffles' and... the tea is good, man! :-)

She made some flyers months ago, but she isn't such a great designer as she is a teacher, so I volunteered to re-design the flyers with the help of my good friend Alex Palomares' illustration.

So if you have kids, or want to learn for yourself and have fun with this woman who enjoys her work and cares for children a lot, I can get you in touch with her.

Now... I'm thinking in how to improve my French.


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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Brazilian whiz kid in green

-A small ideal for kids all over the world...
-Un pequeño ideal para los niños de todo el mundo...

Un boceto digital rápido / A quick digital sketch

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Sunday, February 4, 2007


There's nothing like a good Mandala. There's something about them that just drives me crazy! Since I was a kid, they've been a fascination and a mystery.

For me, a good Mandala must emanate the sensation of movement and energy... is it only me the one who can see it? Can you imagine how the energy pulses from the center, goes through each vein and starts all over?

This illustration is my last Mandala creation. Enjoy!

No hay nada como una buena Mandala. ¡Hay algo acerca de ellas que me vuelven loco! Desde que era niño han sido una fascinación y misterio.

Para mí, una buena Mandala debe emanar la sensación de movimiento y energía... ¿soy sólo yo el que puede verlo? ¿Puedes imaginar como la energía pulsa desde el centro, recorre cada una de las venas y comienza nuevamente?

Esta ilustración es mi última creación de Mandala. ¡Disfruten!


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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Hip trendy happy kid in pink

Yesterday night I relaxed a little bit by doing this little piece. I was thinking about a happy girl that lives somewhere in the world. The style resembles a drawing done by a kid, which is always so fun to do for me.

I was thinking about UNICEF, about ways to contribute to their mission.

And doing something entirely digital that resembled chalk or crayons.

The thing I enjoy the most in doing digital work is the freedom you have in mixing materials and colors. Having no limits amazes me. :-)

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Friday, February 2, 2007

XPCTRM's new merchandise

Hi there, guys!
Early morning I just posted some cool new stuff at Ka-Boom! Estudio's Store, like a Xpctrm's T-Shirt, featuring art by the talented Horacio Sandoval, from the upcoming new series of the same character and name. Hope you like 'em. Feel free to browse through the store and keep suggesting new merchandise of your preference.

And, BTW, have a great weekend! :-)

Hola a todos!
Temprano por la mañana subí algunas cosas nuevas a la Tienda de ¡Ka-Boom! Estudio, como una playera de Xpctrm, con arte del talentoso Horacio Sandoval, de la nueva serie del mismo personaje y nombre. Espero que les gusten. Sientanse libres de recorrer la tienda y seguir sugiriéndonos nueva mercancia de su preferencia.

Y, por cierto, ¡les deseo un maravilloso fin de semana! :-)


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Nobody is perfect.
But life's challenge is to always focus in showing a special part of you. Never to give up.

That will not make you perfect, but it'll make you unique, and it'll bring balance and peace to others.
Isn't that perfect?


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Monday, January 29, 2007

Dave Thorne

I just posted something about Dave Thorne, a good Hawaiian friend and fellow artist @ ¡Ka-Boom's! English Blog, hope u enjoy it!



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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Greatest show on earth!

The annual festival in Angoulème starts TOMORROW. Wish we could be there soon; it is probably a dream of any Ka-Boomer!

Whenever i think of the festival I think about Charlie, visiting Willy Wonka's factory. Can you imagine all those personalities and all those BD's? A whole city dressed in comic books... A place where comic books are an ART. Wow!

And by the way, if you happen to be there, be sure to check out the new IMPRO BD show featuring among the artists, our good friend François Boucq, who just visited us a couple of weeks ago. You can see his photo in the first position of the poster below. :-)

It'll be something similar like the show that Sergio Aragonés, Scott Shaw! and Mark Evanier have done in the past... The writer, or comedian in Angoulème's case, plots the events that the artist will have to draw in that precise moment, in front of an audience.

Hope it all goes well for François! :-)

Bonne chance!


And by the way: Happy Birthday to John Romita Sr.. Best wishes from Mexico!

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Compártelo / Share it

Amor. Dejémonos caer en el remolino de dar.
El amor lo es todo... permitámonos hacer lo correcto hoy.
Sacude todo. El amor nos hace ser mejores humanos.

Y más allá...

Love. Let us fall in the whirpool of giving.
Love is all... let us do the right thing today.
Shake everything. Love makes us better humans.

And beyond...

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Free Tibet?

Years ago, it all started with one of those famous bumper stickers with the “Free Tibet” legend on them. I had heard all the history about China vs. Tibet and the way many monks were killed. There is also the movies in which we have seen the Dalai Lama flee out of the Potala. I believe many hate and murder has been written in here. Too much hate and anger, indeed...

The other day I encountered myself with one of those bumper stickers in a way to a meeting in downtown Mexico City. It brought me a lot of memories, but also the thought of the liberation of Tibet.

People are still looking for Tibet’s freedom. But does it really matters these days if the Tibet is freed?

Liberty is a mind state. If China is the apparent owner of Tibet that has no importance. It is a concept, after all.

The flow of things is natural.

The spirit of things overcomes words and frontiers.

Is it important to carry a “Free Tibet” sticker around looking for justice to be made? I believe justice is subtle; I believe we are grown-ups as human beings and we all know if China is wrong. And that is something that China, in all the greatness of it’s culture and people must know for themselves.

If you tell me, I believe the Tibet is already free. I believe we don’t need more bumper stickers, just a little knowledge of our conscioussness.



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